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Ouidad Vitalcurl Define & Shine Styling Gel-Cream 6oz

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Ouidad Vitalcurl Define and Shine Styling Gel-Cream feeds and nourishes hair during the styling stage for ideal curl formation; water-soluble polymers create lasting hold without stickiness or residue. Proteins and botanicals add moisture and plump the hair shaft, so curls form with greater substance and manageability, bringing out natural waves and curls with definition.
Suggested Usage
First divide damp hair into 4-6 sections; starting with a nickel-size dollop of gel use the Rake and Shake technique- spread gel through the first section, with fingers separated like a rake; rake fingers through under-sections of hair first; then, work downward from the crown to the ends and then rake from the temple and forehead to the crown. This ensures complete coverage and prevents under-sections from stacking out once dry. Then holding the ends shake hair back and forth to create curls; repeat process using more gel as needed for each section; let hair dry naturally or blow-dry on low heat with a diffuser.

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