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Phytodefrisant Botanical Straightening Balm 3.5oz

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Phytodefrisant is a plant-based straightening balm that has been specifically formulated to smooth down the hair and soften natural waves. Lightweight and non-greasy, and alcohol-free it hydrates and strengthens hair, leaving it incredibly shiny. The straightening effect is boosted with continued use.
Active ingredients - This gel is a combination of plant extracts that act in synergy to smooth down the hair naturally, with no chemical action, while respecting the hair fiber.
Suggested Usage
Take a walnut-sized amount of product in your hand and apply to wet hair after shampooing; spread through all the hair evenly; smooth the hair with a detangling comb; work on each strand starting from the root; style or blow-dry your hair. Tip - For perfectly sleek results, blow-dry the hair. For tamed curls, leave the hair to dry naturally.

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