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Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator .50oz

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Trick your nail into growing faster. The method for guaranteeing that quarter inch nail growth is simple. Garlic extract stimulates the receptors in the nail matrix - that is what your cuticles are there to protect, and in response, the nail matrix makes more proteins. This new protein pushes the older protein out of the matrix, which creates keratin, which is what makes up the nail. The whole process naturally and safely convinces your nail to grow. With sulfur amino acids and hydrolyzed proteins, this clever formula strengthens the nail by bonding to it and creating an extra layer of nail to help prevent peeling. This bonding also protects the new nail that is produced by the garlic extract. Vitamins A, C and E all maintain the pH and moisture balance of the nail, keeping it flexible and preventing cracking.
Suggested Usage
Apply as the base coat, and then once every two days over an existing manicure.

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