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Sudzz FX Nyrvana Purifying Shampoo

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Sudzz FX Nyrvana Purifying Shampoo Sudzz FX Nyrvana is a purify detox shampoo for all hair types. The ultimate heavenly purifying and detoxifying cleansing treatment minus harsh, drying sulfates. Effectively removes atmospheric debris and styling product build-up from the internal and external structure of the hair shaft without drying-out (straw like feel) the hair. Nyrvana Deep Cleansing Treatment is formulated to also help remove chemicals used in pools, spas and hard water minerals within the hair structure. Beautifully revitalizes and protects. Restores hair’s moisture balance so necessary for well behaved hair that holds today’s most-wanted styles. A friendly choice for colour-treated hair, too!

NO SULFATES, NO HIDDEN SULFATES—A 100% Sulfate-Free cleansing system that’s vegetable derived, gentler, completely non-damaging and non-stripping like harsh sulfates. For colour enhanced hair it gently cleanses while maximizing colour retention. Highly substantive to proteinaceous substrates, once absorbed onto follicle the results are less flyaway, more styling control and soft, silky smooth hair.

THE FXULITES® POTENT REPARATIVE COMPLEX: A proprietary precision blending of multi benefit ingredients that reduce damage to the hair fiber, working synergistically with a nourishing, strengthening, hydrating and protective cocktail of proteins and natural botanicals that add to the remarkable results you can achieve.
Suggested Usage
Two WAYS TO USE. FIRST. Wet hair thoroughly. Massage in ample amount and SUDZZ UP. Rinse. SECOND. On dry hair massage ample amount from scalp to ends. Rinse and then cleanse as normal. SWIMMERS. Leave on 5 minutes with a plastic cap under warm dryer to help remove chlorine and swimmers green cast. Use as often as needed.

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