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Sudzz FX Whipped Crème & Honey Volumizing Shampoo

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Sudzz FX Whipped Creme & Honey Cleansing is a volumize strengthen shampoo for fine, weak, limp hair. If fine limp hair is putting a damper on your style, whip it up with this thick, luxurious volumizing and strengthening cleansing treatment. This breakthrough formula has no harsh sulfates that leave hair dull, parched and lifeless. Whipped Crème & Honey’s botanical-rich formula is infused with FXulites® that continuously release their moisturizing and strengthening power. Milk-derived proteins and nature’s own honey in a non-sticky form, penetrate deeply to help repair and strengthen hair’s structure. Even helps colour-enhanced hair from UV damage. Never before has a shampoo been so effective in renewing your hair’s feel, vitality and stylability.

NO SULFATES, NO HIDDEN SULFATES– A 100% Sulfate-Free cleansing system that’s vegetable derived, gentler, completely non-damaging and non-stripping like harsh sulfates. For colour enhanced hair it gently cleanses while maximizing colour retention. Highly substantive to proteinaceous substrates, once absorbed onto follicle the results are less flyaway, more styling control and soft, silky smooth hair.

THE FXULITES® POTENT REPARATIVE COMPLEX: A proprietary precision blending of multi benefit ingredients that reduce damage to the hair fiber, working synergistically with a nourishing, strengthening, hydrating and protective cocktail of proteins and natural botanicals that add to the remarkable results you can achieve.
Key ingredients - Nano Emulsion helps to protect and preserves semi, demi and permanent hair color. Milk Derived Proteins help to nourish and volumize fine hair. Auto Responsive Liposome Vesicles provide surface conditioning properties.
Suggested Usage
Wet hair thoroughly. Massage in ample amount and SUDZZ UP. Rinse. For optimum performance leave in hair 1 minute, then rinse.

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