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Sudzz FX Zephyr Volumizing Gel

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Sudzz FX Zephyr Medium Hold Volumizing Lotion works for all hair types. Zephyr for volume, thicker feeling hair, and extra body. Great for blow drying volume into hair, perfect for use with a vent brush, creating exceptional body. Never flakes, Alcohol free, and smoothes the cuticle leaving hair shiny, soft and silky. Great for sculpting techniques. Exceptional for fine, limp hair. Creates exceptional body and thickness with no sticky product feel. Great as a cutting lotion. Use on wet or damp hair. THE FXULITES POTENT REPARATIVE COMPLEX is a proprietary precision blending of multi benefit ingredients that reduce damage to the hair fiber, working synergistically with a nourishing, strengthening, hydrating and protective cocktail of proteins and natural botanicals that add to the remarkable results you can achieve.
Suggested Usage
Zephyr can be used on damp or dry hair for a variety of styling options. Apply small amount to hands. Emulsify and spread evenly on damp or dry hair depending on desired results. Style as desired. Rinses easily from hands. FXulites Potent Reparative Complex in product adds conditioning quality to hair being styled.

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