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Uniq One All In One Coconut 5.1oz

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Uniq One Hair Treatment with Coconut Fragrance offers the 10 main benefits that your hair needs – 1 Repair for Dry and Damaged hair - 2 Shine and Frizz Control – 3 Heat Protection – 4 Silkiness and Smoothness – 5 Hair Color Protection with UVA and UHB filters – 6 Easier Brushing and Ironing – 7 Incredible Detangling – 8 Long-lasting Hairstyle – 9 Split Ends Prevention – 10 Adds Body
Suggested Usage
On WET HAIR spray onto hair; detangle with comb; finish with the usual style-dry with drier, iron air-dried, etc; use the usual finish product. On Short Hair apply 6-8 sprays, on Medium Hair 7-12, and on Long Hair apply 10-15 sprays. The result is soft, silky, shiny hair, protected and without matting. On DRY HAIR apply on palm of your hand; rub product between your hands and apply to hair from middle to ends. If necessary, touch up style with iron or drier. Use the usual finishing product. Ideal for touching up the style and giving a lasting, soft, silky finish without matting.

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