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Uniq One Hair Treatment 5.1oz

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Uniq One Hair Treatment offers the 10 main benefits that your hair needs – 1 Repair for Dry and Damaged hair - 2 Shine and Frizz Control – 3 Heat Protection – 4 Silkiness and smoothness – 5 Hair Color Protection with UVA and UHB filters – 6 Easier Brushing and Ironing – 7 Incredible Detangling – 8 Long-lasting Hairstyle – 9 Split Ends Prevention – 10 Adds body
Suggested Usage
On WET HAIR spray onto hair; detangle with comb; finish with the usual style-dry with drier, iron air-dried, etc; use the usual finish product. On Short Hair apply 6-8 sprays, on Medium Hair 7-12, and on Long Hair apply 10-15 sprays. The result is soft, silky, shiny hair, protected and without matting. On DRY HAIR apply on palm of your hand; rub product between your hands and apply to hair from middle to ends. If necessary, touch up style with iron or drier. Use the usual finishing product; ideal for touching up the style and giving a lasting, soft, silky finish without matting.

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